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Integration Week 3, Spain 21-24.11.2023

The AERO-TRAIN project's third Integration Week (IW3) at CATEC, from 21 - 24 November, 2023, gathered Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to address challenges in aerial manipulation, with a particular emphasis on field robotics activities and aerial robotics interaction in refinery-like scenarios. IW3 focused on advancing algorithms for autonomous navigation and contact interaction in harsh environments.

During IW3, ESRs leveraged the progress made at IW1 and IW2, deploying and testing their novel algorithms and hardware. The primary objectives included achieving stable flight in outdoor environments and executing semi-autonomous contact in refinery-like scenarios, with a specific focus on precise contact motion in harsh environments with curved surfaces.

All teams successfully accomplished the task, spotlighting the ESRs' collaborative skills, and ability to tackle complex challenges. Their smooth teamwork and quick problem-solving in harsh environments demonstrated remarkable agility. This joint-effort played a significant role in contributing to the project's advancements in aerial robotics inspections.



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