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Integration Week 1, Finland 20-24.03.2023

The First Integration Week (IW) of AERO-TRAIN was organized at Tampere University from March 20-24th, 2023. Besides the main activity of integration, the programme included theoretical lectures and technology demonstrations. Through lectures, the ESRs gained knowledge on the fundamentals of 3D scene capture, representation, processing and visualization. Through on-site demonstrations at the Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies (CIVIT:, they were familiarized with the emerging technologies for 3D visual scene sensing and visualization.

As part of the integration activities, all three teams successfully met the main objectives set for the first IW: 1) Setting up and flying (for the first time) the custom-built drones inside CIVIT premises, 2) Interfacing the drones with the 16-camera Optitrack motion capture system at CIVIT, 3) Positioning of drones with respect to the specified chart placed on a vertical stage and putting a mark at (as close as possible) its center, which involved tasks such as designing and installing a custom-made manipulator on the UAV, and 4) Collecting visual/geometric data for use in the continuation work, such as target detection.



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