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A Research and Training program driven by Real Industrial needs

AERO-TRAIN faces the challenges of Operations & Maintenance industry of civil and industrial infrastructures by deploying innovative aerial robotic solutions to reduce the risks and costs associated to field operations by humans.

The goal of the research programme is to advance and mature aerial robotics technology to become the standard tool for gathering data and performing maintenance operations in remote, unsafe, and hard to reach asset locations, thus reducing operational costs and human risks.

The technological outcome will allow robust condition monitoring and repair of infrastructure assets by remotely supervised autonomous aerial manipulators. This is an enabling technology for resilient asset management and safer operation, with a significant potential to impact a wider spectrum of other applications in the future, such as search and rescue, mining, space exploration, hazardous plant operation and asset dismantling.

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Multi-disciplinary Research to fill Technological Gaps of Autonomous Flying Robots 

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Aerial manipulators present multiple scientific and technological gaps, and a need for real life testing to enable a broader spectrum of new technological capabilities. Therefore, AERO-TRAIN aims at filling the gap between the scientific research and industrial needs, which is a necessary aspect for developing new markets and new applications.

Our research programme therefore combines state of the art research in Robotics, Machine Learning, Perception, Non-linear Control, Mechatronic Design, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, AI, Tele-operation, Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI), System Engineering, Material Science to drive a fundamental change of perspective and to develop new scientific knowledge with a broad perspective on three identified scientific, technological and human capacity gaps.

15 ESR Projects to reach the AERO-TRAIN Scientific and Technological Objectives

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The S&T aspects addressed within AERO-TRAIN are fully integrated into the training program and the research projects of the 15 ESRs that will be selected to be part of the network.

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