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Summer School

Join the AERO-TRAIN Summer School in Crete, Greece!

AERO-TRAIN is organizing a Summer School in Chania, Crete, Greece on June 8th to 10th, and it's free of charge!

The event is especially suited for late Master students or early PhD students who want to broaden their knowledge about aerial robots and their role in inspection and maintenance of industrial plants.

The Summer School will cover three main aspects:

  • Planning and perception methods to navigate into an industrial environment and detect possible damages to the infrastructure;

  • Control algorithms used to guarantee the performance and safety of such systems;

  • Human-Robot Interaction methods to pilot and obtain real-time feedback from the deployed aerial robots.


Information at glance

  • Where: The Chania Hotel, Pl. 1866 16, Chania 731 35, Greece

  • When: 3 days, June 8-10

  • Cost: Free, no participation fee

  • Application deadline: April 11th

  • Food and accommodation are not provided.

  • For inquiries, please contact

What will you learn

  • How to use ROS and Gazebo to simulate multirotor aerial vehicles.

  • How to use the PX4 software stack to control your system and interface it to your simulation.

  • Cameras and how to use computer graphics to detect targets in your field of view.

  • Human Robot Interaction theory and teleoperation.


  • Enrolled in a Masters or PhD program in robotics, engineering, computer science, or related fields.

  • Visa free permission to enter Greece.

  • Basic knowledge of dynamics, systems, and control.

  • Experience with Python and MATLAB programming.

  • Can bring laptop with Ubuntu 20.04.

  • Nice to haves:

    • Experience with ROS and Gazebo

    • Hands-on experience with drones

    • Computer vision/OpenCV experience


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