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The project's training activities span innovative research in experimental, computational and applied research – equipping our ESRs with a holistic view from lab to “real world” applications and a creative mind-set with special attention to future industrial applications of newly developed technology.


  • offer young researchers a solid interdisciplinary training in the intersection of Intelligent Mechatronics, AI and Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) to overcome the challenges of automating structural health monitoring and repair of civil and industrial infrastructure through aerial roots,

  • train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative ESRs, fully equipped with a set of transferable skills that enable them to become the future leaders in the field.

Training events

KoM: Training Kick-off Meeting

Event type: Kick-off event
Date: 6 October 2021
Location: Biograd na Moru, Croatia

The Kick-Off Meeting was the first event where the consortium and ESRs met. The ESRs were provided with an overview of the training, training goals and learning objectives, as well as the overall ambition of the training. The main teachers, partners and beneficiaries were present during the event.

TS1: Training School on Unmanned Aerial Systems for Inspection and Maintenance

Event type: Training School
Date: 7-11 March 2022
Location: Seville, Spain

The course provides theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience on design, control, planning, navigation, and state estimation for Unmanned Aerial Systems and aerial manipulators for Inspection and Maintenance.

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