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Integration Week 2, Spain 03-07.07.2023

Exciting developments took place during the second Integration Week (IW2) organized by Eurecat ( from July 3rd to 7th for the AERO-TRAIN European project. Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) came together to tackle a challenging task, building upon the achievements of the previous IW1. The participants demonstrated remarkable collaboration as they worked together on a new challenge related to their different research topics. The event showcased the ESRs' ability to enable drones with augmented navigation and contact capabilities, culminating in flight tests in two remarkable scenarios. At Eurecat's Cerdanyola headquarters, a specially-designed obstacle course and test stations pushed their UAVs to demonstrate obstacle avoidance and precise localization. Additionally, the opportunity to test their developments in the tunnels of FGC ( added a real-world element to their projects, where they successfully achieved teleportation and semi-autonomous UAV control, as well as the remarkable feat of UAVs establishing contact with walls. The IW2 was a testament to the ESRs' dedication and hard work, proving how quickly they could devise innovative solutions in a collaborative environment.



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