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Aero-Train project check: 11.03.2022

Aero-Train project check was held on 11.03.2022 in the presence of EC project officer (PO). The meeting was well organized from the local organizer in Seville, Spain (USE). The project coordinator reported on the overall project activities, ESRs recruitments, deliverables, milestones, data management and risks encountered during 1st year. All 15 ESRs presented their project, career goals and plans to the PO. There were two restricted sessions: between PO and ESRs, and between the PO and Coordinator. The PO informed about her impressions from the Aero-Train Network performance. All actors (ESRs, beneficiaries and partners) were considered as highly committed to the program and the project coordination was evaluated as efficient and responsible. Overall, the feedbacks from the PO were positive and we are now looking forward to continuing the project implementation and boost the career perspectives of our ESRs.



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