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TS1: Training School on Unmanned Aerial Systems for Inspection and Maintenance

Event type: Training School
Date: 7-11 March 2022
Location: Seville, Spain


The course provides theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience on design, control, planning, navigation, and state estimation for Unmanned Aerial Systems and aerial manipulators for Inspection and Maintenance.

Learning objectives

This school will focus on providing the students with an overview of the technologies involved in the design, development and operation of UAVs and aerial manipulators. The school will also provide insights on implementing models, controllers and state estimators for UAVs in simulation.


The lectures provided within this training school will cover topics related to:
• UAS systems: platforms, architectures, applications
• Design of UAVs
• Estimation and localization
• Control of UAVs
• Autonomous functions, planning, collision detection and avoidance
• Aerial physical interaction
• UAV simulation models and frameworks
• Ground stations
• On-site experimentation
• UAS regulations and integration in airspace

Competences and skills

Students completing the course will be able to:
• Select UAV configuration and architecture for specific applications
• Select sensors for state estimation and localization
• Implement simplified models and controllers for the UAV
• Simulate estimation and control of UAVs


ESRs will be assessed based on a report focusing on home and practical assignments.
Credits: 2-3 ECTS

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