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Zhang Qi

Host institution:

Tampere University


Immersive displays maintaining ultra-realism and 3D visual cues



Zhang Qi received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in optical engineering from Zhejiang University in China, in 2011 and 2014 respectively. After that, he worked as an optical engineer in camera and display related companies, where he gained design and simulation skills of different optical systems.


Currently he is a PhD student from Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences in Tampere University, Finland. His project focuses on developing immersive displays maintaining ultra-realism and 3D visual cues.



The main objectives of his project are:

  • To develop a visualization platform for immersive visualization in remote aerial manipulator control.

  • To optimize the amount of information given the limited sensing and imaging resources at the manipulator side.

  • To design a display system capable to seamlessly deliver visual cues in an ergonomically appropriate manner.

  • To determine the ways how potentially non-visual information can be localized and integrated into the visual feedback.

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