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Fernando Ruiz Vincueria

Host institution:

University of Seville


Soft aerial robots physically interacting with humans and objects in the environment

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Fernando received his bachelor's and master's degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Seville, as well as a master's degree in propulsion and energetics from the École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d ’Aérotechnique (ISAE-ENSMA), where he was a student researcher. He was also visiting researcher at the California Institute of Technology and did his Master Thesis at Safran Aircraft Engines in Paris.
In 2021 he started working on aerial robotics projects (H2020 HYFLIERS and PILOTING) at GRVC Robotics Lab of the University of Seville as a research assistant. He is now a PhD candidate working on soft aerial robots.


Fernando's thesis will focus on developing a completely soft UAV that guarantees safety in interactions with humans, and whose deformable structure is used favorably in various applications. This objective will have both mechanical and control challenges, for which machine learning techniques will be used.

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